Quiet Storm attracts the attention of aficionados of classic rhythm and blues, doo wop and soul whenever they appear at festivals and clubs. One of the key websites for 50s and 60s harmony fans, ClassicUrbanHarmony.net, describes them as “spectacular” and their harmonies as “outstanding”.


Quiet Storm sings sweetly of matters of the heart, harmonizing on their own arrangements of Rhythm & Blues standards, doo wop classics and some outstanding but obscure songs that lend themselves to their impressive leads, deep, honey-smooth bass lines and savvy harmonies.
The group had its start in the middle of the last decade when Kamau ‘Smitty’ Akiba, after a long absence from the world of music, reunited with The Informers, a group he’d recorded and performed with during the 1960’s as their distinctive-sounding bass. When the group and Smitty parted ways after about a year, he set out to put together his ideal group — one that would recapture the heartfelt love and joy of the music of the 1950s and 1960s. That dream came to fruition in 2007 with the formation of Quiet Storm.