Kamau ‘Smitty’ Akiba is the founder of the group and sings bass. He is a Philadelphia native whose father played in Matt Childs’s Drifters. His mother and maternal grandmother sang and danced at Native American pow-wows. His first group, the Premieres, bore the influence of neighborhood groups like the Mohawks, Companions and especially the Philadelphians. Eventually he hooked up with the Informers, and they recorded several tunes for the J-Rude and Blackjack labels, including the collectors’ classic “If You Love Me”. Like so many hopeful, but frustrated, young artists, he gave up the music business, and life took him to places as diverse as California, New Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, New York and finally full circle home. After his attempt to re-form the Informers in 2006 and 2007 plateaued for a variety of reasons, he decided to form his “ideal” group and Quiet Storm was born.


Ron Silva sings baritone, tenor and lead.  He resides in New Jersey. He began taking piano lessons at the age of 5 and continued his studies for 15 years. He has spent a lot of spare time directing and as musical director  in several church choirs.  He is a retired Nurse and Licensed Nursing home Administrator.  Ron was an active perticipant of the James Cleveland Gospel Workshops. Some years back, he joined the legendary but short-lived secular vocal group “Royal Blues”, performing leads as well as blending in with their intricate harmonies. He later joined Quiet Storm and bought his extensive musical background to join their harmony.

Debbie 1.JPG

Deborah Charlestown is an accomplished and well known singer.  Her repertoire and range is diverse and varies from old time gospel, jazz and to classic rhythm and blues.  Her vocal range is equally broad and impressive, ranging from a beautiful tenor to a clear low soprano.  In August of 2017, Deborah released her first CD, "Mrs. C. Sings".  Deborah is happily married to Larry Charleston, her husband of 47 years, and, together they've raised three children and enjoy spoiling their five grandchildren.  "Debbie" is the first female singer to become a member of Quiet Storm.  Her smooth vocals adds an extra flavor to the harmony of the group.


James "Brad" Bradshaw sings tenor and lead.  Brad is currently holding the 6th man position as a "Back up" when needed to fill in.  His position requires a lot of skill as he has to be responsible to fill the other members slot at any given time. He comes from a family of singers.  As a youth, James sang in the church choir and in 1978, he started singing with the Acapella group, The Chosen Vessels.  After seven years he had to leave the group for personal reasons.  His love for singing moved him to join "God's Chosen Men" and then moved on the sing with The Gospel Spirituals.  After hearing a possible position may be available with Quiet Storm, he prayed on the opportunity and felt that the Lord directed him to not only continue singing gospel but to use his gift to sing secular music as well.  


Madison Gullett, aka Skip, is a Philadelphia native  and currently resides in New Jersey.  Skip sings first and second tenor and lead.  Skip started singing on the streets of Philadelphia and continue to  sing into his high school years after relocating to New Jersey.  He began singing with the concert choir and gospel choirs of the area and then later joined a local group called Creative Praise . Shortly after, joining the Voices of Paise. Skip has performed as a soloist for many programs. Also to add to his credit,  Skip has performed in venues such as Atlantic City's casinos, Trump Boardwalk Hall, Tropicana and Philadelphia's and Keswick theater

Robert Mimms aka "Bobby", recently became the newest member of Quiet Storm. He sings lead and tenor. He is from the Philadelphia area.  Bobby is a Cancer and he ebjoys life and sports.  His main passion is for singing and music.  Bobby is a former member of the Ebonys.  Quiet Storm welcome Bobby.